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  • The first item is simple but yet important: the list of Bonitz family members is far from being complete! Whoever can contribute any information concerning Bonitz family members not listed is highly encouraged to do so. We certainly do not know all branches of our large family yet. Be a part of the Bonitz Forum!

  • Is there one (or more) Bonitz family, that has its roots in the German village Bonitz in Sachsen-Anhalt? Are there any documents which might indicate a connection between this location and Bonitz families?

  • Do any Bonitz families have a family coat of arms? I am always looking for Bonitz family coat of arms or signet rings.
    A first Bonitz family crest was found, newly appointed in 1962 to all descendants of Friedrich Gottlob Bonitz (1773-1840) of Zwönitz in Saxony.

  • When and from where did a branch of the Bonitz family move to Zellerfeld (today: Clausthal-Zellerfeld) in the Harz mountains, Germany? Where did they come from? Is there a connection to the Bonitz from Zwönitz in Saxony?

  • We are searching for the second wife and family of Charles Henry Bonitz III. Charles was born 10 Sep 1903 in New York to Charles Henry ("Harry") Bonitz Jr. and Orillie ("Lollie") Remley. He died 2 Jun 1951 in Long Island City.
    Charles was an only child. He was married twice. Charles was in the US Navy and was discharged. Upon his discharge he became a carpenter. He was murdered in Long Island City.
    Charles Bonitz was married (1) to Muriel Beryl Hixon. They had one child: Audrey Muriel Bonitz, born 15 Jan 1924, died 5 Oct 1998.
    Details about his second wife are unknown. It was reported that he had two children with his second wife.

    Any additional information about Charles' family, especially from his second marriage, is appreciated. Maybe the following pictures can help to refresh some old memories. Thank you!

Audrey Bonitz and grandmother Lollie Bonitz

Child in the center is Audrey,
the other 3 are cousins on the Bonitz side.


Audrey Muriel Bonitz and her grandfather Charles Bonitz Jr.

Audrey Bonitz and grandmother Lollie Bonitz



Audrey Muriel Bonitz at her graduation (18 years)

Right side: Charles H. Bonitz Jr. and his wife "Lollie" Remley-Bonitz.
Center is Audrey Muriel Bonitz.
Left: maybe family members of Charles.

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